RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach

RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach

The second episode of Rapport: The Informal Ethnographer Podcast. Shownotes to follow.

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4 Responses to RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach

  1. o.w. says:

    second lol. Okay i promise to stop after this one.

    Can you post these in flac, or mp3 or something else? There are a few of us apple-haters out here who haven’t bothered to setup Apple’s codecs.

    I’ve got it converting now, but would love to just click and play.

    • iethnographer says:

      About format, I’ve thought about different ways to do it. The “official” feed will be the chapter-enhanced version in AAC but I could have alternate feeds in other formats. It’ll probably be MP3, though.

  2. o.w. says:

    Have you considered making an “informal ethnographer” group on the new “Open Anthro Coop” setup on Ning? It’s getting a lot of enthusiasm, and probably a good place to share the wealth.

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